Anxiety makes drama feel vast

I have dealt with anxiety and still do from time to time, I thought I would share some of what happens to me when an attack happens sometimes it happens when you least expect and lasts for a few days. There not as frequent now but happen from time to time

Oh! the days have been gray, emotions are dark
Feelings are without a notion of what they stand for
To think, puzzles your mind,
To dreams seems to put your mind at rest
I hope one day find a calmer way
I pray one day, emotions will be filled with Joy

Anxiety makes drama feel vast
Fear, frustrations, panic, emotions exploding
They trap you by day and explode in your brain at night
A racing mind searching for sleep, evades
When your eyes pull down the shades
Your body filled with fatigue, perspiration
Fills your sleep, thoughts of taking time for ones self may help

Life becomes to hard, to hard to keep working,
Even to have fun, you start putting off things to do
Still thoughts that consume my mind stop me functioning
Lead me to despair, sometimes we inhale despair
Look around that road map in your mind
Why is it always so busy?, a silent mind is always rare
Frustrated and annoyed, if only they knew
Deep down I am hallowed, my self worth is diminished
The blame and guilt I carried, almost drove me to decay

To find a calmer way, free of noise and disturbance

Something we all search for, I am still searching
Peace, providing incentive, will soon arrive
Take a look around you
And maybe you will find a calmer way


9 thoughts on “Anxiety makes drama feel vast

  1. Barb, may the Lord fill you with His perfect love … This will cast out fear. Sending hugs. 1 John 4:18. I pass this on, not from total victory (yet) in my life; but because it is the truth. It’s the word of God and He doesn’t change.


  2. you’ve totally captured it, I deal with constant anxiety and it’s always this paradoxical struggle between a million things racing through your mind but none of the basic tasks get taken care of.


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