Some of my life experiences.

I have read a lot of self-help books over the years, books that talk a great deal about, gifts and belief in us.  A positive outlook in life is hard to come by in real life; we do slip back into a negative outlook at times. When this happens I have found the strength and belief in one’s self to gain the upper hand. The ultimate gift for me is self-belief reflecting a good feeling inside and out. I believe in telling yourself you are human, maybe life is not perfect, but each morning I give myself the gift of happiness each day. Sometimes it does not happen though; let’s face it each and every day is not the same in real life.

When I look back at how much I have had to let go of in my life that is no longer working for me. To banish this part of my life has been hard, painful to say the least, because those years were my life. Some of the things in this post I have spoken about before, but like life some of these

Life instances are hard to shake off.  I was so shy when I was young and had an awful fear of not being liked. Now I find I can laugh at that fear, escaping the fear of the unknown has given me so much more confidence in life. This past twelve months I have discovered life is too short to worry about what people think or do, I am just getting on with life and enjoying my life.

Something’s from the first half of my life, I’ve had to kept as these were very personal memories. I can not go there anymore as somethings are best left unsaid.Kindness is important to me, empathy for the fellow human being. These things have been part of me for so long. But whatever you discover you need to keep from the first part of your life keep it, if it still works for you. People from the generation I came from, were taught not to brag about themselves, especially girls calling attention to themselves it was not the done thing. The only thing I really admired about myself when I was young is, I knew and could play a mean game of tennis or squash and I did not mind it when people recognised the fact. Today I like to think about myself as a confident woman, I like dressing nice going out for meals. Doing things I could never do before in my life. I don’t mind if I trip or fall, I even admit to driving stressed when I moved into my new home and put a dent in my car. But Hey! Got it fixed easily. When I got my car back and settled down I laughed about it. People wondered how I could laugh about it, I replied, “It is a different time of my life.”

In the past when I looked in the mirror, all I could see was white hair, wrinkles, sunken eyes, always looking tired. Flaws, I wanted them gone, I wanted so desperately to find the young girl, that young girl was gone. I look at myself now in the mirror, my hair is coloured, there is still wrinkles, and the eyes are now alive with life. I tell myself now, I am me, unique and I am happy with the way I am. It take perseverance, and practice. To tell yourself you are happy.

The language in our lives is so important, the language we use as we speak to ourselves and about ourselves. I feel so strongly about the words we use in our lives, as these words stick with us for a lifetime. You would not let a stranger talk to you in an obnoxious method or use foul language in front of you or your children. So please speak to yourself,in an endearing method. Negative talk can destroy a human being.

Life is a road map being discovered each and every day you get up in the morning. Each and every day we go back to the road map and discover new things about ourselves, new directions, and new adventures. Sometimes I find it easy to stay out of the jungle, finding time to stop and re-group is important. I find if I don’t stop, I get too tired and don’t enjoy myself. To me it is important to enjoy life in a relaxed manner. That is my road map to a life now well lived.

At this point in my life, I have had to make new friends and believe me it was hard at this stage in my life. Building trust with other humans, in a different place, different time in life. No matter what we are humans and we need human contact. As humans we need friends in our life, friends you can trust. Friendship is something you have to work hard at, because good friendships are rare and hard to loose.

Learning how to be happy is something, we are not born knowing how to be happy. It is in the Bible that we do not have to be happy all the time. It is a skill we learn as we grow, like learning how to crawl as a baby or our first step we take learning how to walk. We learn to crawl; we learn to walk all with practice. Finding positive energy in every situation is a great step in life, something to be relaxed and happy about.

Embracing these practices, I am able to move on in my life, I have started small; I have rewired my life, spending less time on what I don’t need to and more on the present and future. I go to the gym a couple of times a week rewiring my body mind and soul helping me smile more.

I have said before I am not trained, I am writing my experiences now in my life. Hoping in some small way they might help someone break out and enjoy life a bit more. My faith has grown each day now as I walk with God each day. Has helped me turn my life around as well.


10 thoughts on “Some of my life experiences.

  1. I too was very shy when I was young, and worried a lot about what others thought, but like you I’ve learned to know who I was and people can accept me or not, and I’m not devastated or hurt…. For some of us it takes a bit longer to learn that. … Diane

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    • Slowly throughout my blog is chapters of my life in general without all the nitty gritty. I feel I have written my life in my blog and there is quite a story in my life. There are a lot of life stories out there and we can all learn from them. I know I do. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

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    • A few years ago my life was in turmoil and I did not know where I was heading or what I was doing. I have had to work at a lot of things in my life to get where I am. I am at a good place now happy, I have found peace. Thank you so much for your support and your continued encouragement on my blog.


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