A personal view on psalm 91

To sit down in God’s presence, spend the night in His shadow
I realise now, I have trusted Him with my life, and I am safe
Yes that is right, He has rescued me from the hidden traps of life
Shielding me, from deadly hazards
Arms that protect us, his arms protect us from all harm
We are safe, we fear nothing under His care
Through darkness, through disease, we are safe
No harm will come to you, even thought others
Succumb and drop like flies around you
God is our refuge, your God around your very home
Evil can not get close to you, can not harm you, can not get through the door
His angels are summoned, to guard you, wherever you go
If you stumble, loose your balance, they will catch you
Your life’s walk, you will be safe, from harm, nothing will be in your path
Hold onto to your life, God will help you, do not fear trouble
God will give you the best of care, if only you learn to trust
Trust in God and you will get the best of care
Call on me, call on God’s care, God’s angels,
You will be safe.

Have Faith in God


2 thoughts on “A personal view on psalm 91

  1. Goodmorning my friend a bit cooler here this morning. Nice and quiet to except for the birds. Nice sounds to wake up too. I have been trying hard to keep that focus since being back it has been hard but I am getting there.


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