A personal view on psalm 145

I bless your name into eternity
My praises to you O! God I say daily in prayer
I’ll praise you each day keeping it now and forever
God is of surpassing excellence, expressions of praise are in abundance
There are no limits to his greatness
Generations tell stories of your greatness
The splendour of your work has me talking
Stories of your wonders arrive in bountiful beauty
Your amazing work is headline news
I spread the word about your greatness
Your word floats in the air across the country
Your messages great me
God has taught me, shown me mercy and grace
He is not quick to anger, He loves us all
Everything He does is a creation and our people bless you
Our people talk about Your glories, letting the world know
Your power is for the good of all.
The eternal kingdom that belongs to you is eternal
You are gracious about what you do
When I was down His spirit picked me up
Giving me a fresh start to life
All eyes have been upon me
Generous hearts, lavished favours upon me
God has shown me, the trademark of his work
His work for the love of all, God is there
Listening for all who pray
He must have known I feared him at first
But he heard me call out for help, He listens to us all
To my amazement God has stuck by me, He is my father, I love his as I do my father
I praise God each day, and everything that is living is blessed by him
From now and into eternity


3 thoughts on “A personal view on psalm 145

  1. So beautiful are your heart thoughts Barb, in your assurance of our Abba Father’s Love for us, Thank you and please continue to share the beauty you see in the Psalms with us when you feel lead.

    Have you read Psalm 68:19 in the K.J.V, they have translated it wrong in some of the other Translations of the Bible, this is the same with other Scriptures too but not all and apart from Cult Bibles where they twist Scripture and add to it and take away from it, with the other Translations they are just man’s error in understanding the early Greek. The K.J.V is the closest to the original being compiled in the 1600 Century, the others came much later.

    Christian Love Always – Anne


      • Don’t worry about man’s error Barb or even Cult deception, now you have asked for and received God’s wisdom, just ask Jesus to show you when needed their error and He will. I meant to say their understanding of Hebrew too and even with concordances, Bible helps etc there is man’s error.

        We can see in the two different Translations below that they do not gel and this is the same with other Scriptures. In reference to the verse below, they have taken loadeth to be in the negative not the positive as it is shared in the K.J.V and so they have changed the context or it’s original meaning, although it’s encouraging and True, it’s not what was originally written, they have tried to make acceptable their wrong understanding of loadeth and by doing so have deleted it’s True meaning which is God blesses us abundantly in Christ Jesus.

        Psalm 68:19 Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah. KJV

        Psalm 68:19 Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,
        who daily bears our burdens.

        There was a song I learnt at Sunday School Barb, it’s for Adults too, it’s called “Trust and Obey for there is no other way”…. How very True this is!

        Blessings – Anne.


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