Beauty beholds a horizon unknown

Captured by the glow of a yellow moonlight night
The golden age of majestic splendour
The iridescent glow reflected my pathway
I a wandering traveler, finding my way
Around this strange land
Lights dancing in the darkness above the ridge
Flickering light down upon the pathways
A soft gentle breeze swept across my face
A slight tinge of candles burning caught my senses
The pathway was leading me to a place unknown
A soft gentle tear trickles down my cheek
Feelings had taken me to a place
I had walked before, but was it a dream
On this dark night, I knew every footstep I took
The light of the moonlight guided me
The light of another life, another time
Destination unknown sometimes
I walk by the light of the moon
For hours at times dreaming
Horizons unknown
Beauty beholds a horizon unknown
Dominating the sky

A light guided my way, I found my place
I found my peace and harmony in life


4 thoughts on “Beauty beholds a horizon unknown

  1. It’s very True Barb, Jesus is our Light in the darkness, He is Truth and Truth radiates warmth for those who seek to understand but for those who don’t sadly they hold onto what will let them down or as God tells us; the created things not the Creator but as you shared Barb ….A light guided my way, I found my place I found my peace and harmony in life… yes you found Jesus’ Light in the darkness, how wonderful to know the difference.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


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