Faith heals all wounds

A cry of pain summons a violent mind,
Anger, deforming, turbulent, shrivels the brain,
Long ago day dreams once held memories,
But now the mind is eaten up,
In the depths of winter, darkness holds a conspiracy,
As consuming as a mind held prisoner in time,

Darkness prevails over the mountains,
Faces dark, and grey, in the depths of depression held by winter,
Lacking vitality as if fading away,
A echo is heard from above the mountains,
Continues to spread sorrow,

Time has taken it toll on the land
Slowly manipulating, dark depression
Time has become a witness to this land
Roses that once bloomed happily
Now held in darkness
Watch in vain

Do not cry in pain
Do not judge
Absorb the pleasures of your soul
Pray your healing prayer
Pray constantly your deep wounds will heal
Do not rely on time to heal all wounds
Faith grows stronger with prayer
Faith heals all wounds.


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