10000 Emotions

I wrote this when I came away from my counseling this week and after my session this week I could not believe how light I felt.

10000 emotions filed away in my heart,
For mine I tell you my heart is full of tears as I weep for you,
The darkness of night befalls me, my heart is so full of mixed emotions,
My mind is racing with words, mixed words, as I face this, silent night,
10000 emotions sit at the pit of my stomach waiting, weeping,

Mixed within my mind, a faith, waiting to be explored,
Woven, deep within my mind, giving me strength,
Deep whispers, echo this silent night, guiding me into the depths,
Of darkness that waited for me, for years I wanted to scream,
I wanted to understand, as I sunk deeper into the night,

Venomous words lingered in my brain for so long, like a nervous road map,
Hidden, for many years, waiting to be summoned, echoes of the past,
Nights, spellbound by the darkest nights, nights without form or wonder,
Weeping into my heart and mind were sorrow and pain, an apocalypse,
I could not explain, the mystic of my mind, confused, until I could forgive myself

10000 emotions filed away, years of sorrow and pain, filed away,
Images till now, words, reflections, sorrow and pain, solitude,
I had faith, all but perfect, yet to be explored, feelings,
I sought reality, I sought life, Oh! the wonders of life,
There is a way towards the light of life,
The minds conscience weaves a tale,

A ghostly shadow of the mind and heart, that appears at night,
Embrace them, the lost can be found, if let walk towards the light.
Have Faith Praise God….Amen


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