Embrace the world of the ocean

I have felt the journey into the night,on the edge of the world,
I’ve listened to the ocean calling, the wonder and the delight,
The music of waves clashing against the edge of the world,
There is a special tone that draws you in if you are quiet
Stand beside me and listen quietly, as I do night after night

The wind draws you to the edge, reach down and feel the froth mixed with the sand,
Sands at the edge feel cool to touch, squeeze the sand beneath your toes,
Take your time move, to and fro waiting, for the tomorrows, let the past float away,

Embrace the world of the ocean, for on this night, you may peer out into the starry sky, and see,

Illuminations flicker about, creating visions of an ocean calling, inhabiting this earth,
Marvel at the minds depth of an ever changing ocean, a mystery still evolving,
Be at one with an ocean, there is mysteries, hidden waiting to be revealed,
Let your imagination float free and on the wind, let your imagination be at one with the ocean,

Music, rises and falls, at the mystical edge of the world, as the wave float back and forth,
A magical gift, for those who are prepared to listen, and hear the tune spoken by the ocean,
Hold tight to your dreams, as your heart skips a beat, feel the rhythm of the ocean,
Think of all the words you have spoken and let float away in a single moment,

Gather those thoughts share them with the ocean, let them be free, each step you take,
Your words may sway with the ocean, whisper them to the starry sky, gather them up,
As the moon glows across the ocean, laminating, the ripples of the waters edge,
Your feet washed clean, sand so smooth, and peace falls upon your night,
A tear might fall, from your eye, because your night is at one with the oceans heart.

Embrace the world of the ocean, for on this night, you may peer out into the starry sky, and see?

6 thoughts on “Embrace the world of the ocean

  1. Hey, really good blog 🙂 And you’ve got great descriptive skills. Much appreciated if you could check out my blog show some support or help 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I am still fairly new to blogging myself. I will visit your blog and help where I can…I am not educated or a trained writer, I just write from the heart as I feel led at the time. So my biggest advice is write from the heart.


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