The battle of positive thinking

To remind us
Many times we forget
Sometime we just settle
Life sometimes defeats us
Remind yourself, you’re not defeated
Just don’t settle

I remind myself
Not to be lost in a world
Find a direction and follow
To be lost in a world of oblivion
Is just a state of mind
I remind myself
Success is for me
For many years I lost
I did not play the game of life

Big thoughts now my life has grown
Positive thoughts grow daily
Negative thoughts bind you
Play the game of life it is a state of mind

Positive thinking plays the game
You’re not out classed, you can think big
Remind yourself, you are not lost
You can succeed

Dramas of life don’t go away
They fade over time
You can win the battle of life
There will come a time and you will win
The battle
Positive thinking
Don’t just settle


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