A drover’s Christmas tale

He rode across the thirst quenched plain
Eager to reach home Christmas night
Riding without due concern
For this is the night his baby was due

He had been away droving for many months
He glanced at the starry night sky
Sky’s that shone so bright across the outback
His heart was filled with joy, before the birth of his baby

Summer heat filled the sky, the air was dry
Longing for rain across the plains
Smoke dust filled the horizon, across a yellow moon
But as he saw the lights of home, a faint sweet smile crossed his face
He came floating across the paddocks
And heard the songs of joy being played
For then he knew he was there

Birds flew across the sky, reflecting against the summer heat
A wild dog echoes, all summer
The sky was full of stars, pointing north
Lighting the sky on this special night
Cries of joy echoed as he held his newborn babe

On this  Christmas night

On Christmas night

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