There is a confidence

This past fortnight has taught me a lot of things, my faith in Jesus, praying to the Lords helps so much when you are fighting of demons. For me it has been the past, crept up on my life, helping others, I can so much but I can not get to involved. It’s also taught me I need a little more healing.  That is why I have been writing or trying to write prayers and believing. Thank you for your paitence.

There is a confidence
Exclusive confidence
There is a trust we hold boldly
Exclusive trust

There is hope we carry
There is an exclusive hope we carry
Jesus has taught me
To rest in his faithfulness
He has held me upright

Every promise
He has to me to trust in his promises
Slowly he has fulfilled his promises
All that he has spoken slowly is accomplished
Under his authority

A power that is limitless
Time has stood still
For his character is pure
His love for us all
Is never ending



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