A personal view on psalm 32

So many times I have counted myself lucky
So happy to get a fresh start, with my slate wiped clean
Lucky, God hold nothing against me
I never knew that, now I’m holding nothing back from him
I count myself lucky,for when I kept everything inside
Everything turned to mush, my words groaned and moaned
The weight on my shoulder was forever heavy
My life was almost finished
I spoke with God letting it all out, Suddenly all the pressure was gone
My sin, my guilt, all disappeared and shredded
I realised I needed to pray, each and every day
It worked, tears flowed, dams overflowed with tears
I was free, I reached the higher ground
I found God’s hideaway, danger was far from the maddening shore
Garlands of roses held around my neck
God showed me, not to be angry with life
God showed me how to stay on track
Those that defied God are always in trouble
Those affirmed with God are loved
And every time they celebrate God
And sing together your voices raise the roof.

Amen praise God

(c) bjsscribbles

4 thoughts on “A personal view on psalm 32

  1. “OK Lord, you’ve got me. I have been doing this and it’s time to stop. There is no hiding from you. And for that I am glad. Please continue to call me out (as Nathan did David) that I might rush to the spring of repentance and emerge clean…really clean, forgiven and rejoicing. The place where I choose to be and to remain.” Doug

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  2. I wouldn’t say you were lucky Barb, which is a gambling expression first used in England in Casinos and with having been addicted to gambling it makes me shudder although I do realize your not using it in that context.

    I would say instead Barb, you have been very blessed, God Loves you and rescued you, not by force but by Love, it was not chance, it was planned, you were not lucky, your were greatly blessed by God, His compassion and Mercy forgiving and restoring you.

    Christian Love – Anne

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