Sharing your thoughts with God

I stand above the hills, rolling hills
The breeze, so gentle, the sun so warm
Rolling hills venture uninhabitable
To anyone but a walker

There was a breeze that flowed, filling the air
With scented perfume from the flowing air
With each breeze lapping at my body
One by one I could feel the flair of trees
Individually scented

Beyond the horizon my imagination roared
I felt I knew each blade of grass personally
I could name each tree personally
I could reach the clouds

To share this with the ones you love
To know the birds that fly above the clouds
To see a bird tumble from the clouds
And land on my shoulder captured my soul

My bird saw my secrets, and lifted them away

Sharing my thoughts and dreams with God
Releasing your innermost thoughts from you soul

Sharing them with God

Stormy clouds were brewing in the distance
Freely I spirited the bird away, carrying my thoughts

Releasing them to share with God
That I had held for so long, I held my breath

Breathing gently, my body filled with peace
Comfort and warmth, I filled my heart with peace

I began to walk and hurry, I could feel a breeze hastening
I grabbed a blade of grass, the breeze grabbed it from my hand
Just as quickly I walked down the hill
I watched the breeze carry my blade of grass away

The stormy clouds passed by the sky was blue again
My time of dreams and romancing amongst the hills
I would venture home, leaving part of me on top of a hill
In the middle of nowhere.
The lonely bird that carry my secrets away
Only the bird and I know me deepest thoughts

To share with God


6 thoughts on “Sharing your thoughts with God

  1. Thank you Barb, very heart touching words as you shared your focus, seeking God is the goal of all who seek Love.

    Stormy clouds were brewing in the distance……How very True this is for us today, Queensland has been hit by violent Storms, Brisbane has suffered damage from big hail stones, I just made it home from the Doctors, it hit 5 minutes later. The boys won’t eat their dinner they are so frightened.

    Ron’s second Biopsy was not conclusive either as to what type of Cancer it is but they have confirmed that it is not Paget’s Disease or Prostrate Cancer, they are testing for Lymphoma next week, which will be done in Hospital. I will do an update tonight or tomorrow thanks for your prayers Barb.

    Christian Love Always in Unity with Jesus Christ – Anne

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    • You are so right seek God above all. Things will work out alright for Ron I am sure of that.. I did see on the news that you copped a downpour and the Brisbane hospital was flooded somewhere. Don’t know how true it is.


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