A personal view of psalm 45

A heart busts its banks
Exploring beauty and greatness
My pen pours out a poem for the king
Words flow like an ocean of words

Every words is so tender
Dedicated to the king
The most daring of men
Blessed by God

Put on the full armour of God
Great praise and hour with all acceptance
Speak truths, help the good, be humble

Enemies lie down in the dust
Enemies souls are broken

Your love shines when you see right
Your dislike for the wrongs in the world shows
God has shown us what it is like to be king
He has pour fragrant oil on your head
You stand out amongst all

Music echoes throughout your ears
You are as happy as a bride or groom
You don’t want to miss anything
Be there for the King

Joy and laughter echoes the rooms
Share your joy with the world
And have faith in the Lord God our King

Your light will shine forever



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