Healing waters

Healing waters
I did not realise
Not so long ago
The stream that flowed
Would renew my soul
I did not know it would cure my soul

A warmth urged me to enter the waters
An aura surrounded my being, with an eternal glow
There was a love that surrounded my being
A love I could not describe, In Gods eternal hands

Ripples surrounded me in the eternal river
The darkness I no longer wished to carry
Was lifted up in Gods hands, and shed

I never knew, there was a light that could be found
I never knew there was love, that could be found
People know I have changed, since the day I entered the holy water
I know there is something different about me, since the day I entered the holy water

Saved from the darkness, and the road I was taking
I have been blessed, with eternal gratitude, by a stream that flowed healing waters
No longer in darkness, I’ve found love and warmth in the eyes of God
I’ve renew my soul and walked in healing waters, and walk with God each day


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