Feel the oppression on earth

When I first started writing this, I was thinking about the lightening and thunder across our skies this morning..When two magnet plates clash in the sky, the sky erupts with a vengeance, and it did so today,then I started thinking about the earth and the human race, mix both together and you see the result. Many of these feelings I have experienced first hand

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Across the raging skies
Fathers cry tears of anguish
Weep tears as raging skies
Clashes in anger
A mothers cry of pain
Clashes in anger

Feel the oppression on earth
As the tears flood the earth
You grasp onto desolate thoughts
As raging skies clash in anger

Rivers and creeks, raging in flood
Your fears crush your heart as you see your
Life rushes before your eyes, your heart throbs
As sweat pours down your body, your eyes are blurred

As you release your anger
You cry out in smouldering anguish
You are only human, you can not stop the raging skies

Your echo may be heard, throughout the hills and valleys
Of penetrating despair, you try, but you can not do anything
Your energy is depleting, with every beat of your heart
Your pulse, echoes you heart beat

Your adrenaline rushes with trembling fear
Fragments which once held the earth together
All in the blue unclouded weather
Now drained of life, under the raging skies of earth
We don’t speak out, we don’t complain
We don’t show our pain

It’s our life
Sometimes we forget
Speak out for if we don’t
We are not heard

Only punished


17 thoughts on “Feel the oppression on earth

  1. Yes the reality of living in a fallen world can cause us grief Barb, Jesus was known as a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and He cried more than once, He did not feel the need to be Happy Clappy all the time but to be genuine.

    As carnal beings in the flesh without The Holy Spirit, we are only human as you shared Barb but when we are Born again with Him indwelling us, we are Super Human and this is what we are to aim for by putting our flesh to death.

    Christian Love – Anne

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  2. It’s our life
    Sometimes we forget
    Speak out for if we don’t
    We are not heard

    Only punished

    This is a wonderful line as well as a great observation: sometimes we forget. Nicely done.


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