A personal view on Psalm 143

I am enjoying learning the psalms and the personal meaning behind.

Yesterday I was lucky to pick up a power pack for my computer, “Yah!” I said “How good was that”. i was starting to have doubts, even though I have a windows 7 computer it has traveled a few miles and a few homes. But where are up and running again.

You’ve heard my prayer Lord
You’ve heard my call for hep
You’ve shown me you are loyal

You never judged me,
We know we have not been innocent.
We have picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves off

I was crushed before
Almost ready to give up
Loosing my courage

Now I can remember what you have done for us all
You made us with your hands
Today and always I lift my hands up to you

Your help has come, you’ve shown me many time
I pray for your help, many time and you answer my prayers

You have not turned away from me
You did not let the world crush me
You’ve shown me your love

Shown me how to trust again
I trust in you
I put my life in your hands

Your Spirit helps keep me on level Ground
You have show me how to live
Is there anything I can do?
I praise your name now each day

Because you have saved me
Now I am your servant
Have faith
Praise the Lord


2 thoughts on “A personal view on Psalm 143

  1. Beautiful assurance in your words Barb of our Awesome, Loving Abba Father, who cares passionately for us. I prayed for you as you asked me to do, that God would help you and yes thankfully He answered both our prayers… How good is that! but than He always does answer according to His will, He knows what is best for us.

    So good your charged and up and running Barb, I’ll be back tomorrow morning.

    Christian Love Always – Anne


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