My personal view on psalm 50

This was a hard one to think about it took me a few days to sort it out in my head…But I feel as though I have gotten my feelings out for psalm 50..There is so much life in the psalms.

The words were spoken
Most powerful
Written for everyone on earth
Where the sun rises and sets
The words were spoken
Perfectly for all to see and hear

Laws were written
Those that did not obey
Were hurled before the ruler
Threatened by a great storm

Shown by witnesses, the sky and the earth
He asks the followers to gather, worship, make an agreement
The skies and the earth witness your life

Now God is our Judge
He asks the people, “Please listen for I will show you”
I am your God, your God

God knew my problems
They were burnt offerings
He did not want more from me

He had the weight of all before him
He knew there were problems
He cared for us all
Knowing the birds and the mountains
Knowing everything that moved

I made promises to God a long time ago
I broke those promises a long time ago
He called me back and ask me to “Bring my sacrifices, thanks and offerings,”

Now when trouble comes, I talk to God,
He has told me he will help

I honor Him

He has shown the way for others to join

My life was torn apart

Not so long ago

But now I give thanks, honor God’s law
And now I have rebuilt and live with God in my heart
I have learnt the power of God
He, God shows me the way.


10 thoughts on “My personal view on psalm 50

  1. Absolutely beautiful… “My life was torn apart…Not so long ago” …”And now I have rebuilt and live with God in my heart”…Love this…. He heals us, restores us, redeems us and lifts us up as we walk with Him. He makes all things new. Thanks for the beautiful poem.

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  2. Thank you so much for your very kind review..I am trying to learn a great deal and as I have written in my Memoirs it was a Christian Counsellor that got me where I am today…Not a secular counsellor..I see so much of life in the Bible now it is incredible.I wished I knew when I was so deep in depression and anxiety..I was in the same sort or headspace as you from what you have written.


  3. I made promises to God a long time ago
    I broke those promises a long time ago
    I do this all the time. No sooner have I made a promise to Him I open my eyes and break it. Thank God the blood of His only begotten Son continually avails for us to wash away our sins when we ask forgiveness.

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