I lay silently listening

When I was traveling in my Campervan a couple of years ago I did see and hear dingo’s in the scrub. They are a part of Australia as you and I and okay if they are left alone. I just did not let my dogs outside during that morning. I was in Katherine when I saw one. Camping on the side of the road. The sounds of dingo’s can be heard for miles, I even heard them when I was traveling across the Nullarbor Western Australia

I lay silently listening
Outside my window I hear
The morning cries
The morning cries of dingo’s
I lay in my campervan thinking
A beautiful sound that echoes
Throughout the bush
Alerting you, at daybreak
I pull back my curtain
To see the golden sun peaking through
Sounds of the bush, scrub
As my Dad used to say
A pair of eyes peak out from behind a tree
A reflection of a golden fur coat in the morning sun
Lonely it looks standing there
Quietly I try to move
Not to arouse others
This dog is not a pet
This dog is not native
But today it is Australian as you and I
It hears me moving about in my van
Nature at is best, first thing in the morningdingo
I look out my window again
To see the dingo slowly moving away
Maybe it’s looking for food for pups?



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