My personal view on psalm 1

A righteous man and an ungodly man
So different in mind and ways
How they think and behave
And to whom they belong

Sin is progressive
A great lesson to learn
One evil tenancy
Leading others astray

What makes you happy?
What makes you excited?
We must have something
To make us excited and happy

The life of a righteous man is strong
The life of a righteous man is stable
Like the the root of a strong tree
Planted by rivers of waters
Baring fruit for seasons
Leaves that do not wither
Whatever he does he shall prosper

Life is fleeting for the ungodly
Their trees are not strong or stable
Their grain floats away in the wind
They do not prosper

You have weighed in the balances
Between ungodly and godly
True and in the future
In the congregation

The lord will show you the way
The way to righteous
The way of ungodly shall perish
The lord can lead us to the paths of righteousness

Have Faith in the Lord

3 thoughts on “My personal view on psalm 1

  1. I write and read them to try and learn and I base my feeling of the psalms on my life.. It is a challenge but I love doing it and it also helps me understand my new walk in life. Your comments are so kind.


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