Birds on a wire (Remembrance day)

This one is from the vault, but there is a reason I am digging it out. Today is remembrance day and when soldier returned after WW1, they were enticed to work on the land. Some did not they wandered the land from homestead to homestead looking for work whatever it might be. Shearing or working in the sheds. Some soldiers just could not settle after WW1 they just wandered the roads some worked on railroads that opened Australia up to the world…Both my Grandfathers had trouble settling back into life in the cities.
Birds on a wire

In the light of dusk the shearers sat,

A hard day’s work,

A beer in hand, exhausted,

Telegraph wires, carry news of the bush,

Bush Telegraph it is called,

Birds on a wire, vibrate Bush telegraph

In the light of dusk, shearers sat,

A beer in hand, exhausted, a hard days work

Watching, birds on a wire,

Shearers sit, watch, not much to say,

“Hey Joe! look at that one, “said Charlie,

“Looks like Flo’s, soaking up all the gossip again,” said Joe,

“Silly galahs think we don’t know,” said Charlie
Dusk falls into darkness, shearers sit and watch

Beer in hand,

An almighty roar from above,

As the galahs fly off to the nearest trees,

Chatting away, as they nestle for the night,

Shearers sit and watch, not much to say,

“Hey Joe, what do they do with the gossip?” asked Charlie,

“Don’t know” said Joe,

“Probably move on to the next wires, to catch up on the gossip,” said Charlie,
No more birds on a wire, silence falls as darkness prevails,

“Going to bed Joe,” said Charlie,

“Yeah won’t be long, birds on a wire will be back,” said Joe.


5 thoughts on “Birds on a wire (Remembrance day)

  1. It’s good Barb to give thanks for those who risked their lives for us so that we would not have cruel Dictatorship putting us into oppression and bondage.

    But war is not an easy road, some never recover from the supposed impersonal impact of killing others and seeing others killed, some like my Brother did become Alcoholics or drug addicts and only a relatively few recover.

    Without Faith what ever hard things life brings to us will cause bad reactions and destructive ways of handling it. But we give thanks that God helps us endure and gives us strength and empowers us to walk in Victory as we come close to Him and obey His guidelines .

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne.


    • That is so true my friend. I know my Grandfather who fought in France during WW1 never really recovered. Never met him but as the story goes he was wounded in France came home died in a psychiatric hospital at Glenside South Australia…There were many more stories like that.


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