A personal view on psalm 64

A personal view on psalm 64. How life can be affected by the use of words in your life. They can reduce a human being to nothing.

God does listen
I am living proof
I have survived

I have been reduced to a whimper
I’ve whined and groaned
Obsessed with problems
Full of dark feelings

I’ve hidden from life
Not wanting to be found
Frightened of tongues wagging
Weapons of poisoned words
Words as sharp as arrow
Often ambushed me
Without warning
Not caring where they hit

Dodging them for many years
Not wanting to see their evil purpose
Watching for traps secretly set
Not looking at each other for days on end
Oh! the perfect crime hidden for many years
Behind closed doors

A mystery hidden from the world
God has shone the golden arrow
Into the hearts of the evil ones
They have been shunned by a maddening crowd

God has listened to me
His work is the talk of the town
I’m glad to have met good people
They have shown me the light of God
I praise them and sing my praises to God.



6 thoughts on “A personal view on psalm 64

  1. Your words always give understanding of your heart Barb and yes some seek to deliberately hurt others even claiming it is for good but it is always evil, yes we forgive but they have lost our Trust and respect sad but their choice.

    Wonderful to hear your heart assurance Barb in God’s Love to heal and protect.

    Christian Love Always – Anne

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