Mornings in Australia

Stars that glitter, glistening like diamonds
Dawn breaks in the morning sky
Creating a spotlight on the glittering stars
The grass crunches under your feet
Walking across the frost
On the morning grass

Gum trees, that glisten with dew drops
Feel the dewy drops as you pass
Look out for the spider tangled in a dewy web
The spider in its intricate web
Mornings in the outback

Galahs fly and screech an annoying sound
As they feel the warmth of daybreak
Feeding babies, feeding, never ending
Morning sounds in Australia
Parrots scurry from perch to perch
Colourful parrots talking
Morning sounds in Australia

Winds that howl and blow
Hear the sounds of the wind
Listen to the story of the wind
As it moves around the morning air

Golden skies break in the morning air
Repeating it’s story each day
Morning tunes never the same
From the ocean to the desert of the Outback
From the mountains to the rivers, creating
Morning sounds in Australia
Repeating it’s story each day

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