A vision of beauty

Tell her I am here

A wisp of air creeps over her face,
God in his mercy lends her grace,
As she sits underneath a willow,
A divine light shines a glow,
A beauty only he could see,
Pen and Paper sits on her lap,
I sit watching her, hidden by the bushes,
With her umbrella protecting her gentle skin,
A hidden beauty, of nature,
Her beauty ignited by the glow of the sun,
She sits underneath a willow, writing poetry
Many questions I would ask her,
I would die for answers to my question,
If only I could place my head on her lap,
And read her mind, maybe her poetry
A beauty, ignited by the glow of the sun
Sits underneath a willow, writing

A picture paints a thousand words,
Each day she was there, sitting, writing
I fell in love with her from afar,
Pen and Paper that sits on her lap,
If only I could talk to her,
And tell her I am here.


2 thoughts on “A vision of beauty

  1. It is definitely fiction, Imagination my friend! It took me a bit to work it out. Actually I watch an old movie and thought I can do that make a poem in an old fashioned tone. That was the whole idea behind it.


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