A whirlwind sometimes gathers your life

My life was a whirlwind for many years sometimes a blur. Now I am a new person in my own way. A few people will understand.

A whirlwind sometimes gathers your life,
Full of words buzzing around in your head
Nibbling in the sitting room of your head,
A haze of smoke, brewing with anger and frustration,

Amongst a lifetime of working, your fingers to the bone,
Changes are rare, but in reality nothing changes,
One generation grows up and moves away, and another arrives,
Still nothing changes,

As the sun rises on another day, the sun also sets on a day
The earth revolves a full circle in a day,
North and South the wind blows, so many directions,
Sometimes you can not tell which way the wind will blow,

Watch the flow of rivers, all flowing to the sea,
Rivers that keep flowing, forever and ever,
Everything in life has a beginning and an ending,
Sometimes it can be boring, sometimes exciting,

Something I am reminded of is
“Life will travel full circle,”

I often try to explore the meaning to life,
Search for the meaning of life,
Look for something new in life,

Year after year it was the same old thing,
I found tomorrow each morning now,
Gone is the same old story,
I know tomorrows happenings will be forgotten,
Nobody will remember them,
But for now, “I know I will”
Life is still so new for me.


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