Mountains of this Land

I moved to a new country town, and wrote this about the feeling I had when I moved here and started walking

Fields so green ready to be discovered, walking this land
That anyone could discover, gaze across the field
To sleeping hills, watching and waiting

A mist gently floats about the sleeping hills
Like a blanket protecting the summit
The crisp air has a effervescence about it
The creek gleams as the sun reflects
Like a mirror to the morning
A fountain of reflections

Violets shy to the morning walkers
Along the banks, gently touch an opening bloom
Nature wears a morning smile
Greeting you with a perfumed walk

As the air warms, over the fresh running creek
Clamber over branches bent by nature
Weeping willows covered with emerald moss
Their story is never finished, it lingers on in nature

Above the forests trail, soft clouds
Float, gently touching the forest
The rising sun creates beams of reflections
An arc to the heavens above
Gift wrapping the morning light
So proud

Morning light through a sleeping forest
The mountain now within sight
Like unwrapping a gift from the heavens above


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