My personal adaption of psalm 63

You found me God
Now You guide me each day
I share my life with You
As I walk this land, no matter where I go

My humble home is small,
But I worship you, with open eyes
Your strength comes from within, and sharing
All Your glory, Your love, I am really living now
This is my place of worship, each day

Nights when I am sleepless
I reflect in Your glory
Because You have shown me
I am free from bondage
And you guide me each day

Those that gossip
Now are quiet
Because God spreads joy
In our lives each day.

Have faith amen


13 thoughts on “My personal adaption of psalm 63

  1. A lovely, inspiring meditation, BJS. Especially appreciated the line, “I am really living now.” That’s the abundant, God-enhanced life Jesus was talking about in John 10:10. It’s truly miraculous, isn’t it, how He transforms the ordinary into extraordinary?! Ordinary, ho-hum days become opportunities to worship and serve, fostering fulfillment and joy in our hearts.

    Thank you for sharing your personalized psalm. And thank you also for becoming a follower of my blog. I pray you will find the posts meaningful.


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