My adaption of psalm 23

I stand before You Lord knowing
You are there guiding me, comforting me
With you by my side I lack nothing

You guide me towards green pastures
Quietness in my soul, I can not here the water
My heart and soul revitalised

You have guided me towards the paths of righteousness
Shown me leadership, your willingness to guide me in your name
Given me a purpose in life

Walking the darkest valley, I walk with confidence
Because I know You are with me
You are my strength, my protector
Knowing You are there, in all Your faithfulness
Comforts me, against all odds

Your assurance and support
Protects me as I see the table you have prepared
In the presence of mine enemies

There is care and dedication as You
Anoint my head with oil
Your abundance flows through me
As I share with others
With the blessing and the power of grace
All the days of my life
Faith and remembering “God is love”

My home is my security
It is my home with the Lord
And the Lord will provide for me
Now and always



2 thoughts on “My adaption of psalm 23

  1. A very good adaption B from a heart that seeks the Shepherd, thank you for sharing.

    I was so excited when I read your comments B on my Blog that I just had to come and visit, I look forward to doing so again, I have missed your sharing, so it’s good you are now settled in your new home and can Blog again.

    Blessings – Anne


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