Life is a puzzle

To understand, life is life’s puzzle
You cannot always control your life story
This was but a story of a heroine
Not the victim
She was a survivor, making a choice
Finding courage, to forge a new life
Leaving behind an old life

Grateful for many things in life
Now, would be numerable
A list may be long, but some simple,
They still can change your life,
Like changing your words
Can change your life
Feel, the vigour, feel the peace
Don’t be afraid to feel happy
Keep moving on

Don’t watch life from the sideline
Life can swoop up and swallow you
In many unexpected ways
Discover yourself, you are unique
In so many different ways
Discover your originality
Count yourself lucky, I do

Now accept an invitation to life
Banish negative self-talk
Many times destructive
Clean out the mental closet
No more hurtful words
You are intelligent

The past can hold you captive
Focus on the present, the future
Don’t be afraid of the future
Live in the Now
And create new regrets
In the present and the future

Relax, enjoy, socialise!
You’ll find a new lease on life
Old insecurities may creep in
Order them out, banish them
You made a mistake once, time to let go
Forgive yourself, make new choices,
Become a life long learner, in the present day

Find your sense of self being
Be loving, not prone to anger
Or reacting to anger, being kind does not make us week
Learn to be positive in our talk
Setting boundaries, in a loving way
Will make us stronger
Treat ourselves with respect
Some of us would never treat ourselves with respect
Care for one’s self, it’s not selfish
Be strong healthy and fulfilled, then we can support others
It is important to treat yourself well each week

Banish fear, try not to let it encroach on your life
Don’t judge yourself, it comes from a harsh inner voice
Don’t be frightened, it is a tremendous fear
Imagine a world, created of joy, instead of fear
Applaud one another for living joyfully
Awake each day, feel your whole life ahead of you
No matter what age, joyful adventures in your future
Challenge yourself, never be done with life.
No matter what age we are, dreams in life
With your feet firmly planted on the ground
With a positive, mental attitude
We can overcome anything life throws at us.

4 thoughts on “Life is a puzzle

  1. So good to share with you again B…… you have a wonderful heart focus and when Jesus is in the Picture the pieces all fit together and the Picture is complete, instead of lots of different pieces that have no design and just don’t fit.

    Christian Love in our Unity in Christ Jesus – Anne


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