Ants and flies

Just a little humour at Australia’s expense
Ants and Flies
Watch them in Australia
Summer in Australia
Flies flapping, and buzzing
Open a door or window in they come
Ants, hurrying, scurrying,
Busy all the time
Sticky flies, buzzing around
Don’t open the door
They’ll be waiting

To and Fro, just like ants
Carrying loads
Down ant roads
Never stopping
Never dropping
Flies never drop, either
Back and forth
Up and down
Can after can of fly spray
Ants drill, holes for nests
They know best
Up and down
Round and round

Flies annoying flies
Why we wave at them I do not know
Sticky flies, don’t open your mouth
While waving at a fly, you might swallow one
It’s been known to happen
Ant work, all day, never still
But look out in the summer
One by one they’ll march through the door

Night time comes
One by one the ants will sleep
One by one the flies will sleep
All is quiet
Till morning
Summer in Australia.


3 thoughts on “Ants and flies

  1. Well B if we didn’t have flies the Frogs would be very upset and some other critters who eat them too but I’m with you they are very annoying and ants who are also part of the food chain, think my lunch is their smorgasbord and those little blood suckers think I’m their food. Yuk!

    Well done B, I enjoyed your thoughts – Blessings Anne.


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