The seeds of time are gathered on the wind

A seed of time is planted, and soon will grow
Taking hold in soil, sprouting, gathering
When the rains come, each drop of rain falls
Upon a seed, it shall grow, gathering strength
Each day, through to the centre of the seed
A tree of life is now born, sharing its heart and soul
To each, giving life to a tree, make the world whole
Each day new leaves, spring buds of joy
The fruit of the earth comes from a tree, giving life
Strength from the roots, strong growth from the trunk
Helps us connect with the earth
Life is the same for us all no-matter what
As the leave form, we grow, like all creatures
Branches form the many journeys we take
The different paths of life may we drift
Each season we may drift, leave grow and fall
A light shines through from God
Sharing the tree of life with us all, from Gods love


Walking the trails
I came upon many trees
But one, the sun shined through
Many branches
Reflecting down on me

So much life branched out
As I looked upon the branches
All that I could see, engulfed by light
Sunlight glistened down
Warming my body

A shadow beamed down on me
I looked up, trying to make sense
I feel to my knees, in bewilderment
My memory is now a blur

I felt a presence before me
I prayed many times
Walking the forest
Though this time it was different
There was a spirit about
The presence of God

The tree of life was before me
Yet when I got up from my knees
And started to walk away
There was a chill about me
I turned to look
My tree was not there
Yet there was an eerie feel
In my soul
There is a message



Across many paths

I was in discussion lately about walking in someone elses shoes. How it does not work walking, or journeying sometimes together. When someone trying to take over your life.

There comes a time when you part ways, when you need to spread your wings.


Across many paths
Two rivers meet
Two lives meet
Two people
Walking two paths

Two lives cross
“Can I walk your path?” I ask
For days I walk the strangers path
Puzzling questions enter my mind
“Why am I doing this?”
“It’s not what I need”
“Its not my road to journey”

Parting ways
Where two rivers meet
Many paths were crossed here
Two lives journeyed
“We may meet again” I cried out
“I need another path to travel”
I bade my companion goodbye
Choosing my road


Our heart yearns and seeks

So many indecisions
What do we do?
Our heart yearns and seeks
Winds and peaks of life
Yet our brain is searching for another
I hear a little of both, listening quietly
So many indecisions
When your heart and mind are in conflict
Your conscience is at war
One wants one thing and the other wants another
So many question, with no answer

So many indecisions
What do we do?
Our heart yearns and seeks
Winds and peaks of life
You listen, you dispute
Ponder on prayer
And follow

When you know right from wrong
The heart is in love, working with the conscience
A heart is forever
Let us ponder the mind
The mind cries out
Tricking the heart
Believing there is
A quarrel going on
In the conscience

So many indecisions
What do we do?
Listen to the conscience
Follow God
And ponder your life


The full wonder of God

Walking through life
We experience constant change
Figures, sometimes pass
Through life, in time we sense
Passing on its effect
Far beyond what is usual, in magnitude or degree
Memory sometimes lapse

The things of life, called experience
We call the wonders of nature
Created by God
Natures growth of all
Tho memory of all sometimes lapses
Far beyond what is usual, in magnitude or degree
We experience constant change, thro’ God
As man experiences life
We pass on life experiences
Thro’ the effect of life
We experience constant change
Memory sometimes lapses
In time we sense
Natures picture
As all things pass that we have known
Thro’ life experience
In time we experience
The full wonder of God

1 Kings 3:12
behold, I have done according to your words. Behold, I have given you a wise and discerning heart, so that there has been no one like you before you, nor shall one like you arise after you.

1 Kings 4:30
Solomon’s wisdom surpassed the wisdom of all the sons of the east and all the wisdom of Egypt.

1 Kings 10:23
So King Solomon became greater than all the kings of the earth in riches and in wisdom.

Ecclesiastes 2:9
Then I became great and increased more than all who preceded me in Jerusalem. My wisdom also stood by me.

Free in spirit

Life with purpose
What is it we?
Are trying to find?
Each and everyone of us?
We question every movement
The desire to pave the way

Those with the need
A need to impress
Desires with egos’
There are reason
For those with needs
For the benefit of others
Something needs to be done
Daily matter of life
That needs to be addressed

Life caught up in the
Pace of a millennium
Sometimes life is a
Whirlwind, fast forward
All the time
Good times, bad times
Why does life need to be complicated?

Why are we here on earth?
I’ve often wondered
All that I achieve
Maybe it will make the path of life
Easier for someone else
And fitting for someone else
To follow me

I am here and now
It is good for me
My simple way of life
For each year of my life
Simple, yet life’s truth is simple
At times, I know, we struggle
When we are at one with life
Our mind and body are free
Free in spirit, at one with God


A little brown dog waiting searching

There sits in the fields of heaven,
A little brown dog waiting searching,
With angels about, protecting her,
She has found Charlie, her brother,
They know I will come, one day,

Angels circle, playing happily,
Tibby and Charlie sit,
Watching,eyes now clear,
Heads tilted listening, little ears lifted,
For the sounds of laughter,
They know, waiting patiently,
One day I will come, and call their name,
They will know my voice,

They know, down on earth,
I walk each day now, talking to them,
I utter their name, when I sleep,
Two little dogs bark for me,
I call to them, they hear my voice,
I know they do,
Sitting waiting, in the fields for me,
With Angels protecting them.
Best friends forever.


Your eyes search your inner soul

My eyes, reach for the hills
Already searching, the road ahead
The road to which I begun
We are held fast by what we cannot reach
Your eyes search your inner soul
For that which you cannot reach
Even from a distance

I feel charged when I walk
Even if I don’t reach my goal
There is always something else to see
My eyes roam the hills, sensing, the unreachable
I feel the wind in my face
The spirit of my inner soul
Talks to me as I walk
Forever at my side

Now forever at my side
There is a hand holding mine
Leading me, as I walk the hills
And settles within, mine
The hand of the Lord Jesus
Leads me, across a winding trail
Yet I do not perish, He leads me home